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How to lead an energy company towards digitalization?

3rd Digitalization for Energy Sector
2 - 4 December 2019, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Digitalization of the energy sector has been a buzz word for quite a while now. However, has the industry made significant progress in achieving digitalization, effectively integrating their legacy systems and processes with new digital platforms and tools? Has the leadership of energy organizations been able to take the right steps towards a cultural change that benefits their employees and customers? What needs to be done towards creating more smart and digital energy companies?

Philipp Schmidt-Partner & Jette Anders - Manager & Customer Experience Lead, PwC Germany share insights on digitalization of the energy sector: 

What needs to be changed/implemented in an Energy company’s culture for improving digitally?

There is not one single thing that needs to be changed, but instead, multiple changes in different areas must occur:

  • Live customer centricity: focus on customer needs and explore what they want, instead of implementing products the organization thinks are best for their customers without actual customer involvement.
  • Foster new ways of working: customer-centric development, more innovation, and great product, service and experience design are easier to achieve with a good set of agile methods in place (e.g. design thinking, scrum, Kanban, etc.).
  • Cultural change by example from top management: agile, cross-functional and empowered teams are changing traditional work patterns and organizational structures. Especially leaders need to understand the related fundamental changes and help within the transition.
  • Continuous improvement: Products and services need constant improvement and adaptation to ever-changing customer needs as well as a check of economic feasibility. This also requires a strong focus on the business model and the intended value proposition.

 What, as a priority needs to be done for energy companies to be more digital in the near future (2020-2025)?

 Three main topics need to be addressed in the near future:

  • Employee development: Understanding of modern architecture principles, platforms and an agile way of working will be a major prerequisite to be at the frontier of innovation and customer-centricity.
  • Cross-industry inspiration: Identifyingwhich use cases in other sectors can offer value to my business and what might be missing capabilities that need to be developed internally or externally acquired.
  • Review as-is IT architecture: Assessing if my company has the right architecture fundament to enable the capabilities, I need to become a serious digital player. 

Philipp Schmidt-Partner & Jette Anders - Manager & Customer Experience Lead, PwC Germany will lead a workshop ‘AWAKE YOUR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE POTENTIAL - HOW TO TRANSFORM TO A CUSTOMER-CENTRIC ORGANIZATION‘ at the 3rd Digitalization of Energy Sector 2019 forum in Amsterdam.

The workshop will showcase great customer experiences based on PwC projects with utility companies. Using examples selected from projects, participants will get the chance to gain insights and hands-on experience on new trends and how the digitalization of channels as well as the implementation of modern IT-architecture principles provides a range of still untapped benefits when interacting with your B2C as well as B2B customers.