Michael Kenny, National Grid ESO
Michael Kenny
Organisation & Systems Lead - Distributed Restart Project, National Grid ESO, UK
At the beginning of this year, Michael joined National Grid ESO as the Organisation and Systems Lead for the Distributed Restart project.
Sander Jansen, Alliander
Sander Jansen
Product owner virtual substations MS/HS, Alliander, The Netherlands
Sjors van der Heijden, Stedin
Sjors van der Heijden
Strategist - Grid automation, Stedin, The Netherlands
Sjors is grid strategist with a focus on automation in the distribution grid at the Asset Management department of the Dutch DSO Stedin.
national grid eso
Dozie Nnabuife
System Specialist - Distributed Restart Project, National Grid ESO, UK
Rafael Fauquié Bernal
Head of Legal Corporate & Compliance, Endesa S.A., Spain
Rafael Fauquié Bernal is Chief Compliance Officer of the Endesa Group and assist in implementation of policies and procedures to achieve compliance with legal obligations and company policies, compliance monitoring and testing, support any compliance-related internal or external audits, define and support implementation of corrective action plans, provide guidance to the business and perform compliance-related training programs.
Benjamin Marshall
HVDC Technology Manager, The National HVDC Centre, SSEN Transmission, UK
As the HVDC Technical Manager, Ben oversees the team of Simulation Engineers undertaking detailed HVDC simulation studies in real-time using vendor-supplied replica hardware, to understand multi-infeed, multi-terminal and multi-vendor HVDC operation and interactions, for real schemes in GB; interpreting the results to gain insights to improve the design and operation of HVDC schemes. Ben previously has had a long and varied career within National Grid with a broad range of experience, particularly with respect to the analysis of the operation and design of the AC and DC transmission systems. He has developed deep technical skills relating to dynamic stability of power systems and the performance specification of HVDC convertors. Within the ESO, Ben advised on the specification, validation and modelling of new HVDC connections, supporting the compliance connection planning and requirements. He was responsible for providing technical leadership on AC and DC control systems, System Operability, Smart Grids and power system simulation; leading complex power system studies.
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