Alexandre Cezario Pereira

My career experience and skills were born of my childhood hobbies of electronics and vehicle mechanics. The knowledge I so acquired morphed into computer skills in the late 80’s. Those truly were years of enchantment and discovery!

This experience led me to major in Electrical Engineering, then to work for global engineering companies like Alstom and Cegelec, and finally to where I find myself today: with more than 20 years of experience in Control and Automation of HydroElectrical Power Plants – including design, assembly, commissioning, and O&M.

The electric sector today is in a time of transition, and at ITAIPU Binacional I am a Head of Engineering, acting as Superintendent responsible for the impact of this transition in the company, and for the preservation of the qualities that make our electrical power system so highly reliable

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    Electrification Director

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    Itaipu Binacional

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