Anne-Laure Chassanite

Anne-Laure Chassanite , storengy

Anne Laure Chassanite has been the Storengy UK Managing Director since 1 April 2022. Storengy is a fully owned subsidiary of ENGIE.

Anne Laure Chassanite started her career in the Engie Group in 2007 with various roles across the Power and Gas value chain in Europe and USA. She has been managing gas wholesale activities, operating a distribution grid in France while leading its biomethane transformation and managing Risks and Supply operations in B2B Retail in the US. Since April 2022, she is managing the biggest Fast Cycle Natural Gas Storage facility in the United Kingdom. She is also in charge of developing biomethane generation facilities across the UK and working on Hydrogen storage opportunities with the Salt Cavern storage technology.

Anne Laure Chassanite holds a Master’s degree from the French Sciences Po Paris Business School.


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