Antonio Abejaro

Antonio Abejaro Soto, enel green

Engineer specialized in maintenance, mechanical engineering, and industrial inspection. I bring extensive experience in the O&M field of the energy sector, in particular in the areas of mechanical supervision and assembly, quality control, legal inspection and fault diagnosis. I have carried out project management to increase the reliability of critical assets, as well as the comprehensive implementation of condition monitoring systems (CMS), regulatory maintenance, preventive and proactive maintenance and non-destructive control. I am a Master in Industrial Maintenance and Diagnostic Techniques and I am certified in predictive maintenance technologies under the ISO-18436 standard.

My years working as an engineer have given me responsibility, commitment and initiative when managing projects and people. I am able to take on the new challenges and goals that the company could set me with pleasure, and I handle myself appropriately in interpersonal relationships, showing leadership and ease of working as a team, even under conditions of great pressure. Of the professionals I work with, I value sincerity, respect, and commitment. I am excited about projects in which I can add value and particularly those in which, applying my knowledge as a maintenance engineer, I manage to reduce costs and increase the efficiency and safety of the company’s processes.

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    Senior Reliability Engineer

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    Enel Green Power

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