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Antonio Alcaro-aventron

Antonio Alcaro, Aventron, As CEO and Technical Director at Eco-Logico, in Italy, on 2006, Antonio had experience in residential and commercial plants, primarily on photovoltaic, but also solar thermal and wind.

From 2009 Antonio worked as Technical Project Manager in Large PV plants at Austrian Enviro Technologies, before in Italy, with a pipeline of 80 MWp and since 2013 at Lightsource in UK.

During his experience in UK, Antonio worked also for Renesola UK, in London as Operation and Maintenance Manager, in charge to all the ground mounted PV plants built by Renesola since 2015 and more than 1500 residential and commercial PV plants.

Currently Antonio is working as Asset Manager and Developer Manager in Switzerland, at aventron AG. Aventron AG is an established green power producer with wind, solar and hydro power generation assets spread in all Europe, from Norway to Sicily.

During the last years Antonio has been responsible for the maintenance of complex project portfolios, structuring and managing the deal under all the aspects, including the data management and monitoring equipment.

Before to start his career in alternative energy, Antonio graduated from Modena University, with a degree in Industrial Engineering.

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