Ard Jonker

After his master of Sustainable Design at Delft University, Ard has always pursued optimal designs from both user and sustainability perspectives. He’s improved hundreds of customer journeys and UX designs for large and small companies / governmental organizations. He is a believer in prototyping and user-testing, getting real results with real users.

In recent years he has added the energy transition and specifically vehicle to grid to his portfolio. In 2020 he joined forces with Seita B.V. and started V2G Liberty: open-source software to optimize and automate V2G charging at home. The concept in general and the V2G Liberty solution specifically has attracted the attention the media and has made it to national television, radio and newspapers.

Speaker Details
  • Profession

    V2G Expert & Open Source Evangalist

  • Company

    V2G Liberty and Positive Design

  • Country

    The Netherlands

Events of the Speaker
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