Cathy Emery-Scheib

Cathy Emery-Scheib has an undergraduate degree in Geology and Environmental Chemistry from the University of Glasgow, and a MSc on the behavior of radionuclides in the environment. She spent 12 years at the British Geological Survey working on their environmental radioactivity and radon risk programmes, then worked as an environmental regulator in Western Australia as a specialist assessor for uranium mining proposals and other resources projects that involved naturally occurring radioactive materials (e.g. mining tailings from Rare Earth Element mining). Cathy returned to the UK in 2016 and worked as a Nuclear Regulator in the Power, Defence and Disposal Sites team at the U.K. environment Agency assessing and mitigating impacts from decommissioning and waste disposal, as well as regulating a waste treatment site. Her role now is as a Nuclear Waste Assessor, implementing new decommissioning guidance across the nuclear sector, supporting a major Environmental Safety Case review of the UK’s Low Level Waste Repository, and supporting community engagement in the siting process that is underway in England for a geological disposal facility.  

Speaker Details
  • Profession

    Nuclear Waste Assessor – Nuclear Waste Assessment Team, Nuclear Regulation Group (North)

  • Company

    Environment Agency 

  • Country

    United Kingdom