Dr. Juliano Ricardo da Silva

Juliano Da Silva Itaipu

Dr. Juliano Ricardo da Silva Currently Manager of the Department of Electronic and Electromechanical Engineering at ITAIPU BINACIONAL and assistant professor at UNIOESTE and UDC Universities. 

He has a degree in Electrical Engineering in Automation and SEP from UNIOESTE (2002), Doctor and Master in Electrical Engineering from UFSC (2015 and 2005). He has experience in the field of Electrical Engineering, with an emphasis on Electrical Power Systems, working mainly with installations and equipment for generating and transmitting electrical energy. He is a member of the CIGRE study committee A2-Transformers and Coordinator of the review group of the Brazilian standard ABNT NBR 5356-Power transformers (CE 14.01). 

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  • Profession

    Mananger of the Department of Electronic and Electromechanical Engineering, Itaipu Binacional, Brasil

  • Company

    Itaipu Binacional

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