Dr. Michael Walter

Michael Walter, DVGW

Dr. Michael Walter is Manager R&D Innovation Programme Hydrogen of DVGW e.V., the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water.

Since he got in touch with hydrogen in 1997, Michael is in the hydrogen business. In 2003, after finishing his PhD on “Pressure Swing Adsorption as hydrogen purification system for PEM fuel cells at small scale”, Michael joined the Dutch company HyGear B.V. (now a 100% subsidiary of XEBEC Adsorption Inc., in 2003 a start-up) as Technical Manager for hydrogen and fuel cell related development projects. In 2016, Michael started within DVGW as Technical Manager for energy research, still having his hands on hydrogen and its related energy sectors. Since July 1st, 2021, Michael took over the role as Manager R&D Innovation Programme Hydrogen of DVGW, being responsible for research and development projects within the Innovation Programme Hydrogen

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    Manager R&D Innovation Programme Hydrogen

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