Erkan Yilar

Erkan Yilar, EUAS

At the early phase of my career i worked as R&D and design engineer in the design and construction of several renewable energy unit and worked as project coordinator in the design of thermal power plants and several other complex industrial facilities. Later in 2010 my path crossed with nuclear and i took part in the nuclear adventure of Turkey. Since then i worked as engineer, design reviewer, project lead, project manager and program manager in nuclear projects. During this 10+ years of experience in my career I took part in development of three nuclear power plant sites in Turkey. Recently i work as program manager and managing the field survey and licensing and permitting projects in EUAS International ICC. I pursue my academic studies in external hazard assessment of nuclear power plants sites and soil structure interaction of nuclear power plants under high seismic conditions.

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    Program Manager


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    EUAS International ICC


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