Germán Carrillo-Montoya

Germán Carrillo-Montoya is a Colombian-born particle physicist who became obsessed with a greener planet. He obtained a PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and spend 10 years at CERN hunting for the elusive Higgs boson. In 2017, he transitioned into the energy sector where he is playing a pivotal role in enabling the widespread adoption of clean and flexible energy sources via digitalization, automation, and data science. With the mandate as Lead Data Scientist in Alpiq AG, and since 2020 as Head of Machine Learning at Fortum, Germán heads a group of machine learning specialists responsible for state-of-the-art models creating value for business and society. Germán’s particular interest focuses on stochastic-forecasting and modeling of energy assets, as well as energy market analytics and optimal decision making, seen as a stepping stone towards energy-orchestration.

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