Giulio Riccardo Cannaò

Giulio Riccardo Cannaò enel trading

Following university studies on economics, sociology, environmental and development policies at the University of Bologna and Roma Tre, he focused on energy market regulation as part of a master diploma at sole24ore Business School in Rome.

After completion of studies, he gained a deep understanding of energy markets, starting from the consultancy activity at Nomisma Energia, where he carried on activities within the team of energy market analysts, focusing on modeling of the gas and power markets of Italy.

Furthermore, in his two-years experience at GME, the Italian Organised Market Place, within the Unit of Market Regulation he deep dived in the functioning of European power and gas markets, gaining expertise in the market design and the institutional framework supporting the integration of national markets, as well as working in coordination with the Market Surveillance Department of GME on REMIT related topics

As a Trade Compliance analyst within Enel Global Trading, a global commodities firm, he carries on REMIT compliance activities related to the disclosure of inside information and data reporting, with a view to continuously improve the execution of those activities in the light of changing market dynamics and regulation.

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    Trade Compliance Analyst

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    Enel Global Trading

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