Heather Kleb

Heather Kleb has an MSc in Ecology, an Executive MBA and over 20 years of experience working on multi-million dollar projects in the logging, mining, oil and gas and nuclear industries.  Earlier in her career, Heather held a number of positions with Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL), including Manager, Regulatory Affairs for the cleanup and long-term management of historic low-level radioactive waste in Port Hope and Clarington, Ontario. Prior to joining AECL, she worked as an environmental consultant, monitoring Luscar Limited’s coal mines and conducting environmental assessments of Weyerhaeuser’s Forest Management Plans. She also worked overseas as an employee of Anglo American Operations, providing environmental monitoring, management and assessment services to AMCOAL, De Beers, and AngloGold in South Africa, Botswana and Mali.

In recent years, Heather has assumed the positions of Director, Regulatory Affairs, Vice President and Interim President and CEO of the Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA).  Heather left the CNA six years ago to join Bruce Power, where she held the role of Department Manager, Operations Regulatory Affairs before assuming her current role of Director, Next Generation Nuclear Technology.  Heather also serves as a strong advocate for the nuclear industry as the Past President of Women in Nuclear Canada, Past Vice-President of Women in Nuclear (WiN) Global and a current member of the WiN Global Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

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    Director, Next Generation Nuclear

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    Bruce Power

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