Iman Pishbin

Iman Pishbin, Stedin

Iman works for Stedin group as Gas Network Strategist in the Asset management department. He has 16 years’ experience in the gas industry, mainly involved in research and technology projects, and developing new strategies and policies for the future of the gas network.

As a gas network strategist, he is currently responsible to define and develop new strategies to facilitate energy transition in the gas distribution network including using more sustainable gasses (Biogas and hydrogen) and digitalization of the gas network.

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    Gas network strategist

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    The Netherlands

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2nd Annual Future of Biogas & Biomethane 2023
September 18, 2023
Biogas and biomethane are rapidly being recognized as significant players in the future energy mix by EU institutions and the Member States. In 2020, combined biogas and biomethane production was 191 TWh with this figure predicted to quadruple by 2030. By 2050, production can be at least fivefold reaching over 1,000 TWh, with some estimates going up to 1,700 TWh.