John Cosmo Dwelle

John Cosmo Dwelle, landwarme

John Cosmo Dwelle is Head of Business Development, Sustainability and Verification at Landwärme GmbH, based in Munich, Germany.

Landwärme is a leading supplier for biomethane in Europe. In addition to biomethane trading, the company plans and operates biogas upgrading plants and offers extensive services along the entire renewable gas value chain. Furthermore J. Cosmo Dwelle is involved in proactively shaping the political and regulatory framework for renewable gas production, transport and use. Prior to Landwärme he worked with Peters, Schönberger & Partner and Siemens France SAS. He holds a Legum Baccalaureus and a Master’s degree in Sustainable Resource Management from the Technical University Munich

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    Head of Department Business Development, Sustainability and Verification

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    Landwärme GmbH

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