Lawson Steele

Lawson Steele, Berenberg

Lawson Steele has covered the EU ETS carbon market since 2004 and in January 2006 predicted the carbon price would go to zero in Phase 1. He has been the most prominent EU ETS carbon bull since January 2018 when it was trading at €8. He sees the EU ETS carbon price going to €110/t and, most likely, significantly beyond. Lawson has now covered the utilities sector as an equity analyst for 34 years, achieving number one rankings going back to 1992. Lawson’s previous roles covered Europe, Latin America and Global utility strategy, located in both London and New York. He also spent a year covering global telecoms. Prior to Berenberg, there since 2012, most of his time was spent at UBS. He also qualified as a chartered accountant with Price Waterhouse (now Pricewaterhouse Coopers), many (many) years ago.

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    Joint Head of Carbon & Utilities Research

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    Berenberg bank

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