Lotte Holmberg Rasmussen

Lotte Rasmussen. Cenrtica

Lotte Holmberg Rasmussen is the Research and Development Project Manager at Centrica Energy Trading, Denmark. Ms. Rasmussen originally received an MSc in Engineering and Energy Planning from Aalborg University, Denmark. For the last 12 years, she has lead and participated in several cutting-edge R&D projects most of which are focused on flexibility in electricity consumption for different electricity markets and integrating other sectors like gas, hydrogen, district heating, individual heating and transport. She was the project manager for the award-winning Ready project developing control of heat pumps in real people’s houses.

Ms. Rasmussen has been involved in several PtX projects since 2011 focusing on the business case and the possibility of additional income from participating in different electricity markets providing balancing power to the electricity system.

Centrica Energy Trading, with headquarters in Aalborg, Denmark is trading electricity, gas and guarantees of origin and is a balancing responsible party for a 9 GW portfolio of cogeneration and renewables trading the production and consumption of producers and consumers at the wholesale markets and managing approximately 20 % of the Power Purchase Agreement market in Europe. Centrica Energy Trading has remote control of a large portfolio of producers and consumers.

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