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Markus Pichler RAG Austria

RAG Austria – Markus Pichler

Markus Pichler studied Petroleum Engineering with master’s degree in Reservoir Engineering at Montanuniversität Leoben. In 2012 he joined the UGS team of RAG Austria AG. His work includes planning and developing underground gas storages as well as customer service. He is also working for the green-gas technology department as a senior researcher in the topics of geochemistry, microbiology, geo-methanation and hydrogen infrastructure. In this role he is developing solutions for future subsurface energy storages for RAG’s portfolio. In addition, Markus is RAG’s liaison to European hydrogen research projects like HyStories and HyUSPRe. Finally, he is member of several institutions like Marcogaz, ÖVGW, ISO or IEA where he regularly holds presentations and lectures on the subsurface storage of renewable energy.

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