Massimo Meney

Massimo Meney, Edison

Massimo Meney, Compliance specialist, Edison Spa, Italy.

Massimo began his working career dealing with processes, management and organization of CRM structures.
In 2002 he joined Edison in a structure devoted to put in place and manage a contact center capable of managing over one million customers.
In 2011 he moved to Edison’s Midstream Division and since then deals with processes and compliance and on this regard on the implementation of the compliance to the REMIT Regulation too.

In 2015 the team in which Massimo works led a project aimed at defining the REMIT compliance regime for all the Edison Group companies and developed the general compliance policies and the procedure applicable by the Gas & Power Wholesale Division.
With the enter into force of the MAR regulation they design and implement, for the energy commodities, the required policies and safeguards and the monitoring system to detect misbehavior on the market that is prescribed by MAR. They decided to extend the coverage of this system also to products and markets subject to REMIT.

Nowadays the team is the point of reference for REMIT and MAR compliance for all the Edison Group.

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    Compliance Specialist

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    Edison Spa

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