Meiko Neumann

Meiko Neumann has been part of the cruh21 GmbH management team since August 2022. He assumed the Director role for the Masterplan Offshore North Sea (MOHN) Project in September 2022. The MOHN project, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), through the 7th Energy Research Program strives to tackle the issues related to the offshore Hydrogen. Within 18 months starting from September 2022, cruh21 and Fraunhofer IEG aim to develop a strategy to accelerate the ramp-up of offshore electrolysis in the North Sea.

 Meiko previously managed offshore wind development projects in Germany, UK and Taiwan and brings a 12-year wealth of experience in related processes such as permitting, grid connection assurance and auctions, engineering, supply chain and innovation management. He has witnessed first-hand the rapid maturation and growth of the offshore industry as a result of rapidly decreasing prime costs and increasing direct marketing and has seized the opportunities for the projects entrusted to him.

 The success of the Kaskasi OWF currently under construction in the second German grid auction, whose early days Meiko helped oversee, is a good example here. Meiko anticipates similar leaps in development in the hydrogen market and would like to help the determined market players succeed in this.

 Meiko studied industrial engineering in Karlsruhe and later supplemented this with a part-time MBA in European Utility Management. He gained his professional experience during the first five years in photovoltaics at Conergy AG and then over 7 years as assistant to the board and corporate developer of the grid companies at swb AG

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