Paul Edge

Paul Edge, EDP

Paul Edge has 20 years of experience in Risk Management, initially as an actuarial consultant to pension schemes, then within the Energy Sector as a quantitative analyst in the treasury of BP and currently as the financial modelling expert in EDP’s risk management department.  His specialisms include Economic Capital; Real Options; Levy processes and Cashflow, Asset & Liability modelling.

Paul Edge has a variety of experience with blockchain technology having:

  • Designed and implemented Stablecoins in 5 currencies, ​
  • Contributed to articles on ethereum token standards ​
  • Created a Splitable NFT token to be used to facilitate 5G spectrum ownership
  • Built a QR code token delivery system​

He holds a degree in Mathematics from Manchester University, a PhD in Quantitative Finance from Imperial College London and a diploma in actuarial techniques from the Institute of Actuaries.

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