Paul Giesbertz

Paul Giesbertz joined Statkraft Markets since July 1, 2008. As Head Advisor Market Policies & Regulatory Affairs he is responsible for regulatory affairs in continental Europe with focus on German and EU developments. He is also Board Member of Baltic Cable AB, which operates a 600 MW cable between Sweden and Germany.

He is an active member of the EFET Electricity Committee and is the EFET representative in the ENTSO-E Advisory Council.Before that, he worked as deputy manager for the Dutch energy regulatory office where he was responsible for wholesale power market issues like market design, European market integration, impact of market power and reliability of supply.

From 1997-2004, he has been Senior Consultant and Head of the Markets & Regulation group of KEMA Consulting in Europe, where he acted as project manager in several international projects, related to open access introduction, regulation, trading arrangements, technical codes and system operation.

From 1988-1997, he worked for Sep, the former Dutch power pool and TSO.

Paul Giesbertz holds a master degree in power engineering and was awarded the 1999 Hidde Nijland Price.

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  • Profession

    VP Regulatory Affairs Head Advisor Market Policies

  • Company

    Statkraft Markets

  • Country

    The Netherlands