Peter Chandler

Pete has worked for National Grid transmission system operations in Great Britain for 28 years and is currently leading the Distributed ReStart innovation project. He is accountable for all aspects of the project including reporting of workstream outcomes and deliverables to the regulator and stakeholders and managing the project funding of £11.7m.

Pete has held many roles at National Grid including post event review, operational planning, emergency planning including black start, business continuity management and control room operations.

He was an Electricity National Control Centre Operational Manager for over 10 years. He currently holds an authorisation as Power System Manager, responsible for real-time electricity balancing and management of Great Britain’s power system.

Pete has worked with a wide network of stakeholders from across the electricity supply industry including UK government, regulator, international stakeholders, DNOs and generators. He sits on the UK government’s E3C Electricity Task Group and was part of the E3C team investigating the low frequency event on 9 August 2019.

Pete has successfully delivered several high-profile projects including the legal separation of the ESO from the wider National Grid business, industry winter preparedness plans for security of supply, new black start services, and drafting the Emergency & Restoration European network code.

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  • Profession

    Project Lead

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    National Grid ESO

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    United Kingdom