Ricardo Prata*

Ricardo Prata, e-redes

Ricardo Prata has a PhD in Energy and Public Policy, from IST (Lisbon University). His background is in Electrical Engineering (Power Systems), with a bachelor’s degree from Porto University and a MSc from Coimbra University. 

Ricardo is a Senior Manager at E-REDES, the Portuguese DSO, leading the Asset Management Area. This area has three main responsibilities, Asset Data, Asset Models and Asset Strategy. He has 25 years of experience in electrical energy distribution asset management and planning.  

Ricardo Prata is a member of CIRED’s Technical Committee, as a Rapporteur for Session 4 (Protection, Control & Automation). He chaired the Organizing Committee of the Porto Workshop 2022, with the topic “E-mobility and power distribution systems”. 

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    Senior Manager - Asset Management

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