Rosa Maria Nieto

As an Asset Management Director of Enagas, I am in charge of the operation and maintenance of Enagas LNG terminals as well as the underground gas storages. With extensive experience in managing multidisciplinary teams, leading the search for innovative and efficient solutions in the management of complex and unique projects and infrastructures in the Spanish energy sector.

Since joining Enagas, I have always been linked to the storage activity. Working throughout the entire life cycle of AASS from the earliest phase of exploration to exploitation, which has allowed me to acquire knowledge, without reaching the specialist level, of the various disciplines involved and to have a global vision of storage.

The main function of my management is the operation and maintenance of the AASS with the highest levels of security and availability, and with a clear orientation to continuous improvement.

During my time as project manager, I led the development of the first deep aquifer storage in Spain, both in the drilling of the wells and the surface facilities and geological modeling.

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