Rui Rodrigues

Rui Rodrigues is an International Executive skilled in Services to Power Generation, a Global Leader with 16 years of experience in Services to Renewables Energy.

Born in Portugal in 1979, his academic qualifications include an Electrotechnical Engineer degree at FCTUC(Coimbra-Portugal), and a Master in Renewables Energies. Speaking 3 languages (English, Portuguese, and Spanish) he leads and develops multicultural Teams, Engages Teams through changes and growth to deliver beyond expectations since he started working; in 2004 at EDP Portugal, as Project Manager.

From 2005 until 2008, as Project Manager in Wind Projects at Enersis. From 2008 to 2010 as Project Manager in PV Projects at Martifer Renewables. In October 2010 he joined Voltalia and was taking over different roles related to O&M Management; O&M Manager, International Strategic Business Developer, Start-up Manager and from 2018 he’s assuming Globally the O&M for Solar, Storage and Hybrid at Voltalia managing over than 16 Countries.

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    Head of O&M – Global Solar/Hybrid/Storage

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