Thibaud Uhl

Thibaud UHL is O&M REX Manager – Knowledge Officer, in charge of sharing safety knowledge, becoming the Technical Lead in the M&A strategy, supporting the Insurance department, arranging technical meetings with our key Wind turbines manufacturers and supporting procurement in the negotiation of the O&M contract. He has more than 12 years in renewable business.

In 2008, Thibaud UHL joined ENGIE and had four positions in wind business. Firstly, he was an internship wind operator engineer for 6 months: from 68 to 80 MW wind assets in operation.

Secondly, he was a wind operator engineer for 20 months: from 80 to 150 MW wind assets in operation and management of four technicians. Thirdly, he was a Wind Technical Manager and Agency Manager for 36 months: management of one engineer and two technicians, and more than 150 MW wind assets in operation. Finally, he was a Wind Asset Manager for 20 months: support of several wind agencies in France and link with the Group and the Wind Community.

In 2015, he joined COMX team, European Center Expertise, Construction Operations & Maintenance Expertise, which provides supports in development, construction and operations & maintenance of renewables assets, to ENGIE worldwide entities, as a wind turbine operations and maintenance expert.

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    O&M REX Manager - Knowledge Officer

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