Timur Gukov

Timur Gukov works as Reservoir Manager at Edison Stoccaggio; being in the oil and gas industry since 2004 he started in operations geology in the exploration and production department moving to a reservoir in the underground gas storage branch of Edison. He holds an MSc degree in Geology from the University of Milan and an MSc in Petroleum Engineering from the Heriott-Watt University of Edinburgh. He is specialized in the development and optimization of underground gas storage fields in depleted reservoirs. On top of that, he follows up on multidisciplinary projects including G&G, reservoir, microseismic, subsidence, and geomechanical studies where he is in charge of data acquisition and reporting to controlling governmental authorities. 

Speaker Details
  • Profession
    Reservoir and Subsurface Manager
  • Company
    Edison Stoccaggio
  • Country