Tommaso Fontani

Tommaso Fontani works in Enel Green Power since 2015, managing several renewable projects worldwide, both in geothermal and hydroelectric technologies.  

He is a Mechanical Engineer graduated from the University of Florence, with a master’s degree in Turbomachinery. 

He matured experience in the optimization of maintenance plans, advanced data analytics, predictive tools for power plant digitalization and risk analysis for driving investments. He worked on the development of a standard hydroelectric fault tree, with the aim of coding a common language for the most probable failure modes, also integrated with a digitalized preventive maintenance plan. 

He has a strong passion for new technologies and for all the digital tools useful to foster the energy sector development. 

Speaker Details
  • Profession

    Head of Electromechanical Maintenance and Risk Analysis

  • Company

    Enel Green Power

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