Ulrik Møller

Ulrik is an expert in applied microeconomics, power system economics and power markets in particular, with in-depth power system knowledge, gained from 15 years in the business. Along his current position as senior economist in the market department of the Danish Transmission System Operator for electricity, Energinet, he has devoted himself to training in energy markets and power system economics for the past 4 years. Before joining Energinet in 2012, he spent 5 years as a consultant in the consultancy Copenhagen Economics, providing expert advice and support based on his economic expertise to clients within the energy sector, ranging from energy utilities to the European Commission. As a consultant, Ulrik developed unique communication and presentation skills, which in particular have been put into work at Energinet, university and in training of energy sector staff.

His track record in electricity sector spans a broad scope of power system management issues. He has interest in:

  • Market based congestion management and market integration of regional wholesale power markets.

He heads a Nordic project group with the responsibility of delivering a proposal for flow based market coupling (variant of nodal pricing/locational marginal pricing) to the Nordic energy regulators in 2017;

• Grid tariff design with special focus on economic efficient incentives to users of the electricity grid. He is key expert in a team currently considering a new cost efficient design for using of the transmission electricity grid in Denmark;

• Wheeling design – or inter TSO compensation, as it is called in Europe. As a consultant, he supported the corporation of European TSO’s (ENTSOe) in designing a new efficient compensation methodology in order for TSO’s to receive compensation for costs incurred as a result of hosting transit flows of electricity on their network;

• Market based integration of electricity from intermittent renewable sources. In particular, design of power markets and support schemes (or PPA’s) for renewable energy to be in line with the dynamics of the power system.

He has experience with efficient integration of intermittent electricity from of renewable energy sources (RES-e)in the Danish power system, characterised by very high shares of intermittent RES-e.

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