Vytautas Šiožinys

PhD Vytautas Siozinys is the CEO of Energy Advice – technology and consulting company focused on energy intensive industries. Company creates EA-SAS Cloud solution to increase efficiency and sustainability.

For the last five years Vytautas is focused on developing real time Digital Twin Technology to increase technological and energy efficiency of engineering systems. He is in charge of the strategic direction while developing innovative product EA-SAS Heating which enables District heating network transformation to 5th generation network. Real time Digital Twin solution EA-SAS Heating reaches impressive results due to transformation of District Heating network from 3rd to 4th and 5th generation, involving such computational technologies as demand forecast, demand side management, real time hydraulic thermal optimization, generation optimum scheduling. From the latest projects can be seen that DH network efficiency increases up to 10% calculating from primary energy.

Also Vytautas is in charge of the strategic direction for another innovative product EA-SAS Boiler which is dedicated for biomass boiler state evaluation and efficient control. Digital Twin technology EA-SAS Boiler helps to reduced fuel consumption from 5% to 10% by involving real-time data into operation and decision making process.

PhD Vytautas Siozinys moto is “The best decisions are real time data-driven”.

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