Steam Generator Replacement Completed At Watts Bar Nuclear Plant

Steam Generator Replacement Completed At Watts Bar Nuclear Plant

The Steam Generating Team (SGT)—a joint venture between Framatome and United Engineers & Constructors—has finished the steam generator replacement project at Widow Bar Nuclear Power Plant. Unit 2 of TVA Watts Bar went into service after all four original steam generators were replaced during the scheduled outage.

Art Lembo, President of SGT said: “I’m so proud of our team for completing this project with zero recordable incidents and exposure below the ALARA goal. This is a testament to SGT’s vigilance in industrial and radiological safety.”

The huge component replacements needed to be carefully executed and planned. To remove the 360-ton steam generators, temporary openings needed to be made in the reactor building dome and around their enclosures. Precise measurements of all the parts were taken, along with meticulous metrology practices to make sure everything was perfect. The specialists also had to come up with specialised solutions for each component replacement as they placed them back into the existing plant configuration.

“United is proud to have partnered with TVA on the life extension of the Watts Bar nuclear plant,” said Scott Reeder, CEO of United. “As an industry leader in innovative and transformative infrastructure, we welcome the opportunity to continue supporting nuclear technology as it takes its place amongst carbon-free power sources.”

Construction of Watts Bar’s two nuclear reactors began in 1972, but was suspended in 1985, with TVA deciding to complete Unit 2 in 2007. Unit 1 of the nuclear power plant began operating in 1996 and the original steam generators were replaced in 2006. Watts Bar Unit 2 became operational on October 18th, 2016.

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