Renewable energy PPAs (Power Purchase Agreement) are here to stay. For they decarbonize company operations and are too powerful a price hedging tool for corporates, traders, or utilities to avoid. Europe, in fact, recorded the highest yet, with the volume of PPAs signed in 2021 surpassing 3.5 GW over 2020 figures. Here are some of the biggest PPAs (power purchase agreement) that have grabbed the headlines, in no particular order.  
  • January 18, 2022
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NBN Co, Australia's Broadband Network Corporation has announced its Towards-Zero Carbon Ambition and membership of the global RE100 renewable energy initiative. RE100 is a global initiative bringing together the world’s most influential businesses committed to 100% renewable power.
  • December 14, 2021
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D. E. Shaw Renewable Investments (DESRI) has recently announced that Facebook has signed on as an investor in its Chester solar project in Virginia, USA being developed by Torch Clean Energy. The power purchase agreement will enable Facebook to buy 160MW of power to run its data centres in the region.
  • October 30, 2021
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The power purchase agreement extends to 10 years and involves European Energy supplying 3.8TWh power to Eesti Energia from three wind farms it is currently constructing in Lithuania
  • April 16, 2021
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Amazon, Google and Facebook signed Power Purchase Agreements amounting to 503 MW in Europe (Spain, Denmark and France respectively) last year. They are part of the growing 1.9GW worth of corporate renewable PPAs signed in Europe by 2020 first quarter.
  • April 8, 2021
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Known as ‘European Battery Innovation’ it is being funded and coordinated by 12 Member States and 42 companies across Europe
  • January 29, 2021
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