Tauron’s $743 Million Investment Revolutionizes Poland’s Energy Grid with 600,000 Smart Meters

Polish DSO Tauron leads the charge in grid modernization and renewable energy integration with a massive investment

Polish utility company Tauron is set to embark on a groundbreaking initiative to transform the country’s energy grid. With an increased investment of PLN3 billion ($743 million), Tauron plans to install 600,000 state-of-the-art smart meters and undertake extensive grid modernization projects in 2024.

This significant investment will serve two crucial purposes: connecting new customers, including those utilizing Renewable Energy Sources (RES), to the grid and revamping the existing power infrastructure. A major focus will be on the modernization of 1,220km of power lines, expanding 345 transformer stations, and implementing smart metering systems.

Tauron’s commitment to network development and innovation is not new. Over the past eight years, they have already invested an impressive PLN16 billion ($4 billion) in distribution networks. These completed projects, encompassing nearly 60,000 investment tasks annually, have enabled the expansion of grids at all voltage levels.

Paweł Szczeszek, the President of the Tauron Group, emphasized the significance of this increased funding, stating that distribution is their “most important investment direction.” He further emphasized that these additional resources are a response to the growing demand for connecting new customers and integrating renewable energy sources into the grid.

Szczeszek pointed out that grid reconstruction is essential for the effective functioning of the power system, regardless of the amount of energy generated from renewable sources. He believes that the success of Poland’s energy transformation is contingent upon the development and modernization of distribution networks, particularly the implementation of smart grids.

Moreover, Szczeszek praised the government’s proactive measures to tackle the energy crisis. By freezing energy prices at 2022 levels and introducing a maximum price, the government has provided stability and prevented energy poverty. According to Szczeszek, these actions have saved an average Polish family around PLN5,000 ($1,368) per year.

Tauron is already making significant progress in the adoption of modern remote reading meters, with over a million customers benefitting from the technology. Looking ahead, their goal is to replace all meters across their entire operational area by 2030, enabling comprehensive data-driven energy management.

With this groundbreaking investment, Tauron is spearheading Poland’s energy revolution, ensuring a more sustainable and efficient future. By embracing cutting-edge technologies and addressing the needs of a changing energy landscape, Tauron is paving the way for a greener and smarter energy grid in Poland.

Source: Smart Energy International

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