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Energy AI: Power & Utilities 2020

3-5 June 2020, Berlin, Germany

"AI is more than a new technology system to be implemented, it is a business model. It represents a crucial economic and corporate transition into a truly digitally integrated workplace. It’s a step towards working alongside technology, and not with it”.

AI tools and technologies have been rapidly developing, and like with many digital technologies, at a much faster pace than what companies can adapt to.  An endless variety of new innovative solutions for efficiency, quality, value creation for competitive advantages. What’s stopping full-scale integration, going from pilot project to roll-out?

Management experts suggests that the main challenge is that AI requires comprehensive organizational integration in order to successfully implement it into the core operations and business models of the energy sector. An in-depth analysis of a company’s core principles and values is needed to correctly align a technology strategy to utilize the benefits of AI. The wide-ranging organizational adjustments demanded by AI implementation is likely where Energy companies, in particular, are slow to adjust. It is a technology that is as complex, as it is intelligent.

Energy AI: Power & Utilities 2020 provides the platform for strategic management discussion, both in the macro (corporate strategies) and industry (business strategies) environments. This conference welcomes the decision-makers and experts of technology strategy, analytics, data-science, and innovation from leading Energy companies in an exclusive close-group and business-friendly environment for peer-to-peer networking, knowledge-sharing and learning opportunities. It aims to provide an interactive platform to help industry professionals discuss energy challenges to implement best transformation strategies and practices. 

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Speaker panel includes experts from:

  • Centrica
  • Uniper
  • Andritz
  • Enedis
  • Innogy
  • Blue Energy

Topics to be addressed:

  • Strategy, management, and technical aspects of AI-enabled energy platforms for the future
  • Integrating AI in Energy Management Systems and Architectures
  • Technology strategy and management at central importance for business survival and competitive advantage
  • AI’s organizational impact: Processes, People, Culture
  • Case study: AI & Advanced-Analytics in  operations and procurement
  • Big-data is Energy’s most valuable resource (it’s even renewable!)
  • Customer-Experience at the forefront of digital and AI development
  • IT infrastructure requirements to support new technologies
  • Enabling P2P energy and transactional digital platforms
  • Burdens, Opportunities and Solutions

Target Market and Audience:

  • Power & Utilities operators
  • Renewable Energy operators
  • Oil & Gas operators
  • Power contractors & Sub-contractors
  • TSOs, DSOs
  • O&G Pipeline, Terminal and Refinery Operators
  • Trading companies
  • Energy consulting, engineering and project solution-providers
  • Non-profit associations & institutes
  • Research institutes
  • Advisories, consulting companies
  • Software providers

Who Should Attend:

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Data Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Digital Officer, Presidents, VPs, SVPs, Directors, Heads, Managers, Advisors, Data Scientists responsible for 

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine-Learning, Deep-learning, Neural networks, IoT
  • Data-analytics and advanced-analytics
  • Market analytics
  • Ancillary analytics
  • Price-Forecasting analytics
  • Metering, Smart Meters, Smart Grids
  • Automation and robotics
  • Big-Data
  • Digitalization
  • Innovation
  • Technology Strategy
  • IT
  • Research & Development
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Asset Management
  • Communications providers
  • Customer Experience

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