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Upgrading Hydro Power Plants: O&M Modernization & Optimization

6-7 October 2020, Virtual Conference

Upgrading PSHP: O&M Modernization and Optimization will gather leaders and decision-makers from hydroelectricity industry, namely, hydropower generator companies, PSHP owners and operators, and hydro O&M operators, to discuss ongoing challenges, trends and build business relationships through productive networking and knowledge-sharing. One of the challenges of hydropower producers is the upgrade of already existing PSHPs and improvement of O&M through the way of modernization and optimization. We will discuss how these measures improve O&M flexibility, efficiency, and lead to cost reduction and revenue enhancement. In this small-scale business-meeting, participants will learn the latest plant modernization and O&M management practices in the environment of technological innovations and digitalization.

Speaker panel includes experts from:

  • EDP
  • ESB
  • ESM Power Plants of North Macedonia
  • Alpiq
  • Uniper Anlagenservice GmbH
  • Itaipu Binacional

Topics to be addressed:

  • Improving the Process of O&M Diagnosis
  • Revenue Enhancement and Cost Reduction Objectives: Activities for Consideration
  • Operations and Maintenance strategies
  • Aspects of future maintenance 4.0
  • Usage of energy data for creating models for forecasting
  • Technological Innovations applied to O&M for revenue enhancement and cost reduction
  • O&M improvement and cost reduction rooted in digitalization
  • Optimizing Hydro for increased flexibility and balancing

Target Market and Audience:

  • Pumped-Storage Hydropower generators
  • operators, and plant owners
  • Power & Utilities Energy Contractors
  • Non-profit associations & regulatory bodies
  • Consultancies
  • Transmission System Operator (TSOs)
  • Distribution System Operators (DSOs)

Who Should Attend:

CEO, SVPs, VPs, Partners, (Deputy) Directors, Heads, Managers, Leaders, Advisors, Engineers, Consultants responsible for:  

  • Hydro Production
  • Hydro Digitalization
  • Hydro Monitoring/Remote Monitoring
  • Hydro Operations and Maintenance
  • Hydropower Plant Engineering
  • Hydro Asset/Units Optimization
  • Hydro O&M Support and Performance Improvement
  • Hydro O&M Planning
  • Hydro Innovations
  • Hydro O&M Operational Efficiency Unit
  • Events Monitoring and Maintenance Scheduling
  • Hydro Plant Assessment & Evaluation, O&M
  • Hydro O&M Robotization and Data-Driven Predictive Activities
  • Hydro Portfolio Management
  • Grids Operation and Maintenance
  • Hydro Production Optimization
  • Hydro O&M Optimization
  • Hydro Maintenance and Digital Transformation
  • Hydro Asset O&M Management

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